Hereby we are very proud to present the newest collection of International Hair & Makeup artist and founder of JDO Academy Juliette den Ouden. Recently Juliette was very successful with her male collection shoot for winter 2017-2018.

Juliette’s success consists out of the first prize during the Dutch Coiffure awards. The Coiffure Awards is nationally and internationally seen the most prestigious prizes within the Dutch hairdressers industry.

But this is not all! On the 15thof October the winners were announced for the world’s most famous hairdressers event, held in the Royal Albert Hall in London. The ALTERNATICE HAIR SHOW. The AIPP AWARD had no less than 732 participants from 42 countries participating this year. Juliette was the only Dutch contestant and managed to come in on 3rdplace! Something to be very proud of.

Juliette den Ouden

Juliette, how were you inspired to create this male collection?

“As international hair and makeup artist I regularly travel abroad. I love being in nature which inspired me tremendously. One day in Bali I decided to climb one of the highest mountains, the Agung Mountain. Looking back, I seriously did not have a clue what I was getting myself into! During this six hour climb I had to push through various mental and physical barriers. Sheer willpower is what helped me through. Finally, when I reached the top, I was treated to the amazingly stunning view of the surroundings and the true magnificence of nature.

Juliette den Ouden

It took met over eleven hours to get back to the starting point. This climb deeply inspired me. The tough and mentally grueling trail and all setbacks I faced along its way. But also the beauty with which I was treated in the end. We truly live on an amazing planet!

 I transferred this experience into this collection. I wanted to bring out the tough, raw male workers look from the 50’s, with surprisingly soft lines. Less is more!”

Credits Collection:
Hair and Make-up: Juliette den Ouden (JDO Academy)
Photography: Hans de Vries
Assistant Make-up: Esmeralda de Waal
Styling: Fayola Wekker
Models: Fic Model management and Sebastian Jimmy

Juliette den Ouden
Juliette den Ouden