UNITY FOR ALBINISM, a non-profit organization that supports projects for people with Albinism in Tanzania

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Welcome to the temporary page of Unity for Albinism, a non-profit organization committed to supporting individuals with albinism and advocating for inclusivity, awareness, and empowerment. We firmly believe in equal opportunities for all and strive to foster a society that embraces diversity.

Our website will be ready in a few weeks. In the meantime, here is some information about our foundation and the goals we pursue.

Our Foundation

Did you know? In some parts of Africa, the average life expectations of someone with Albinism is between the age of 15 and 30. Skin cancer is a common disease affecting people with Albinism, and in some areas of Tanzania, these people are not even safe. They are hunted and brutally slaughtered. It is still believed that the blood or limbs of people with Albinism can be used to make medication.

We hope with the help of our foundation we can empower lives and create safety. Because only together we can make a change!

Respect, ACCEPTand Love each other

Respect, ACCEPTand Love each other

Together we are STRONGER

Mary Mother God 

With our foundation/ fundraising we support the save house Mary Mother of God in Lamadi, a small town in Tanzania. Where people with albinism have been rejected by their parents or rescued from hunters and where they are cared for and educated.  Unfortunately, there is little to no money for food or doctor’s fees if someone becomes ill. There is also no possibility to continue studying when someone is old enough for secondary school. We hope through our efforts that this will no longer be a problem for these kids.

Protection Skin Cancer

Unity For Albinism also supports the “Albinism in Africa Foundation which fights against skin cancer in Africa for people with Albinism. This foundation receives many sunscreens sponsored by different brands but does not have the financial support to ship the containers with sunscreens to these countries. Unity for Albinism helps raise funds to ship these containers to Africa so that people with albinism will be protected against skin cancer.


Did you know?

For € 0.25 you can provide 1 child with Albinism in Tanzania with good food. For € 25,- per day all 100 children can have good food at Mary Mother God’s safe house in Tanzania. For 9125,- these 100 children are provided with food for a whole year.

To protect 1 child with Albinism against skin cancer with sunscreen will cost € 5,- a year.
1 container with 1037 L of sunscreen can be shipped to Tanzania for € 5000,-

Our goal for this fundraising is to provide 100 children with good food for a year and to ship 1 container with 1037 liters of sunscreen to Tanzania in order to prevent skin cancer.

€ 1,- euro donation could be the first step toward a better future!

Press for donation

Our next goal

Our next goal is to buy a piece of land. So they can use it primarily for agriculture. “Feed yourself” but also as businesses for the communities.  About this project, we are looking for sponsors and would love to keep you updated!

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Love, and EMPOWER each other.

Love, and EMPOWER each other.

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