Last week Juliette and her team had their first exhibition. The exhibition was a 3-day event in Miami. Here their Work of Contrast concept was shown for the first time in life en the response was amazing!!

The work that exhibits here is one of contrast, because we believe that it is our differences that make us the same.

We’ve chosen to work with muses that have albinism and vitiligo in this exhibit for two reasons – the first because their beauty is as acceptable as everyone else’s beauty and should be shared with the world, and the second, in having black skin that’s made completely white by albinism or partially white by vitiligo they physically represent what we are ALL non-physically, humans who are made up completely of contrasts – nothing more and nothing less.

The black represents the Yin in us (our feminine) and the white the Yang (our masculine). The black represents our shadows, and the white our light. The black our chaos and the white our structure. The black our intuition (how heart led we are) and the white our logic (the ways in which we are led by our head).

Each and every one of us are made up of these contrasts, because we are all made from the same material – we are all cut from the same cosmic cloth. And this is what we wanted to explore.

Juliette den Ouden

We also, in this work which is exhibiting here, wanted to draw particular attention to the divine feminine (which as a creative, is an energy we work with a lot). To do so, we have shot Goddesses in some divine destinations. In part, to show THEM their beauty and in part to show everyone else in this wondrous world.

Like we did with those who have albinism and vitiligo, with these women, we try to capture their polarities as well. Their happiness and their sadness. Their hardness and their softness. Their giving and receiving. Their pushing and their pulling. Their ebbing and their flowing.

When we shoot them, we feel a conscious connection with these humans in mind, body and soul… and we hope that you feel as connected to them as we do. That you love them as much as we do.

This event was in collaboration with production company 16OSIX

Credits team
Photographer: Michelle V Dijk
Hair & Make-up Artist: Juliette den Ouden
Retoucher: Zilla van den Born